Happy 2nd Birthday!


Over the weekend we celebrated our daughters 2nd birthday.  I can hardly believe it.. she's so grown up.  She's talking so well that I can almost hold a normal conversation with her.  She's so smart and funny, and growing into her own little independent person.

Words can't even begin to express how much more we love her with each day.  Her little life has brought such joy into our lives.  She has such a sweet, sweet soul and her dainty voice just melts you away.

We had a little party for her here at our house... it included waking up to lots of balloons.. some of her favorite "people" were included on the balloons which made her all the more excited (Dora and Minnie).  We've been talking to her all week about her party, how old she will be, and opening birthday gifts.  So when the day came, she was ready

It was a simple party, shared with family and friends, some water fun in the backyard, and cupcakes of course.  By the end of the day, she was pooped and in bed by 7:30pm (unheard of!).  The day was a success... we just wanted our baby girl to feel special, loved, and appreciated.. and I think we accomplished that.  ;)

This will be a little more picture-heavy than normal.. but I couldn't help myself.



  1. Your daughter is adorable, and now I REALLY want a cupcake!

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  3. What a precious little girl you have! Two is such a fun age. Sure, it has its moments, but as you said, it's wonderful to be able to have conversations with them and begin to see their personality develop!

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  4. Lovely daughter!!!!! Sweet celebration……..

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