Little Friends


There is one person in particular... that my daughter just adores.

She lights up when she see him and anything he does is just so funny to her.  We met up with him and his sweet mama at the park today.. for a little fun in the sun.  We managed to survive in the Arkansas heat long enough for them to run around and let out some energy. 

And Clara even went down the slide by herself today.. she decided to do that all on her own.  She's becoming quite the little dare devil and I'm not sure I'm liking that so much.  It means she's not itty bitty like she used to be.  But I guess that's what they do - grow up.  Not only that, though... it means I have to keep a much much closer eye on her (she face planted off the couch a couple weeks ago.. after she figured out that jumping on it was fun).  This mama isn't ready!

And yes her face is beet red.. no, not from sunburn (I lathered her up good).. from being a hot and sweaty mess!  The girl would be outside every minute of the day if I let her..

After enough of the heat, we thought it was a good idea to cool off the "old fashioned" way.. with the hose, of course.  What kid doesn't love that?  It how we keep cool down here in Arkansas..

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  1. It is getting SO very hot here in Louisiana. There have been times where the kids just take my hand and want to go home. Clara is getting so big!


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