Our Weekend


Three day weekend.  Short recap.

Grocery shopping.  A big ol' trip (our cupboards were bare!).  Exciting, though, because I'm going to be trying out lots of new recipes!

Clara has a new 'habit' -- chewing on her bottom lip.

Had some friends over for some Pizza Hut pizza (Korean-style... sweet potato crust.. yes, please!).

Church.  I dressed Clara in the cutest little outfit (with the most adorable tights) - and I mean little - it was a 3 month outfit!  And yes, she is 7 months old.

Got my nails done with a friend.  They're bright pink.  They make me happy.  :)

 Drank coffee.

Made 'green' smoothies for the first time.  Very yummy.  Clara enjoyed it too.  ;)

Relaxed and played with my little princess.  She is crackin' me up these days!


  1. Oh Haley...Clara is adorable! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! We spend ours trying to get the house cleaned up since I'm 34 weeks and I'm starting to stress out about totally not being prepared for when Mabel arrives. Oh, and I'm totally jealous about the Korean Pizza Hut!

  2. Clara is so so cute! Her big blue eyes are darling!!!

  3. Korean Pizza Hut huh? Sounds yummy though!


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