In.Joy the Little Things..


I am counting down the days until we depart Korea to settle back into the states.  I believe we're down to 60-something days now.  And while I'm anxious to get back to American soil and see our parents, I think I will be a little bit sad when the time comes to actually leave.  It seems that all I can think of is things I 'need' to get or 'need' to do before we leave (and quite honestly it's stressing me out).  And while 2 years seems like quite a while to be living in South Korea.. it's not nearly enough time to do and see everything this country has to offer (especially when you have a baby).  But a sweet friend reminded me that I just need to remember all the things I have done while here.. all the things I was able to enjoy.  I really needed someone to tell me that.. and I'm glad she did!

I'm so blessed to have been able to enjoy and experience many things here in Korea.  There's a lot I will miss.. even the little things.. like Lotteria.  I'm really not big on fast food.  At all.  Well.. except the occasional Mocha Joe from Burger King.  ;)  But Korea has a wonderful fast food restaurant called Lotteria.  The one thing I  most enjoy are their sweet potato cheese balls.  I will miss them so much.  They are really the only reason I even go there.  It's a long work week for Coleman this week.. so Clara and I may just have to take a little trip so I can enjoy these little balls of joy again.  My husband thinks they're gross.. but I just have some strange obsession with them.



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  1. those cheeseballs are pretty wicked ;) Friend, we'll get a few more things crossed off your list soon!


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