Sunshine & Picnics!


Today was a beautiful day here in Korea.  And what better day to spend it than relaxing out in the sunshine with my husband?  We packed up a small lunch and some snacks, and headed to a little grassy area tucked away next to a pond.  It sure felt good to get some fresh air and let a little Vitamin D soak into my skin.  We caught up on some of our baby books, laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon!  My hubby also carved a sweet little message into a stick for me.. ;)


I can't wait to have another picnic.. and next time, instead of just the two of us.. it will be the three of us!  :)


  1. It was just about a perfect day outside wasn't it! :) We still haven't had to turn on the AC in our apartment, but soon probably.

  2. Looks like a perfect day! How cute is your hubby doing that for you? I love that kind of stuff, I'm a big sap :)

  3. Now that looks relaxing. That's what you should be doing for the next few weeks. Love you both.

  4. Pretty sure I know where you headed ;) hope it was glorious!


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