A Little Love For The Front Door...


For the longest time now I've been wanting to make something to hang at our front door.  You know, to make it a little more happy and welcoming.  It was so very boring and blah, especially living in this apartment building - everything just looks the same!  The other day I was so bored out of my mind (and didn't feel well) so I decided to finally tackle this project.  I just used up some things that I already had laying around for this... because I really needed to get rid of some fabric/yarn before I go out and by new stuff... which I'm actually going to do today.  ;)

I think it turned out pretty nice considering I was just using up old stuff I already owned!  I can't wait to make more of these wreaths, though.  After making this one, my mind was racing with endless possibilities! 

Just add some ribbon on top, hang it on our front door... and I think it will definitely brighten things up a little bit.  It's already making me happier!  :)

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