That word perfectly describes my day (and probably the rest of my week).  Two weeks until I pack up and head up to Seoul to wait for this precious baby girl to arrive.  And yet there's SO much I want to get done before then.  Note how I said want and not need.. most of them are just things that would be nice to accomplish before baby comes, and just a few things that need to be done.  But my list seems to be growing by the day.  I swear my head is going to spin out of control.  People ask me all the time, "Are you all ready?" and I never know how to answer that.  Because I am, but I'm not.  I am in the sense that we have everything we need for her to be here, but I still don't feel ready.  I just don't think it's possible to be fully 'ready' and 'prepared' for such a life-changing thing, especially because I'm a first time momma.  I'll tell you what I am ready for, though... my regular clothes, ankles that don't hurt and swell, sleeping on my stomach and my back again, and being able to put on my shoes without sitting down... and seeing that precious little one in my arms;)

I got a lot of things accomplished today, though.  So all is not lost.  :)  Hubby rearranged our bedroom and set up the bassinet, so sleeping arrangements are ready for her arrival!  I ran a few errands today, put away winter clothes and got out the summer clothes so I don't have do that after I get back from the hospital, and got all the laundry and cleaning done so I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week.  And today was also my last day of work (yay)!  Because man is this week a busy one.  I have Bible study, my 36 week check-up, and we also have a labor class and hospital tour to go to up in Seoul this week -- exciting!  We also have to make a few other appointments, such as talking with someone about paperwork for baby girl's passport and visa, etc.  And I need to make a list of things I need to take with me when I leave for Seoul, as well as pack the diaper bag for baby girl.  AND all the cute blankies, headbands, booties, and beanies I need to crochet up for her!  Haha, ok so I might not get to do all of those before she's here.  Also, pictures of her nursery will go up in the next few days, hopefully. 

So tonight my hubby is working... and I think I'm going to end this day by taking a nice bubble bath, making some ice cream sammies, and then browsing my new obsession, Pinterest, for some more ideas on things to create for our beautiful princess.  Oh, and then I'll probably be doing some of this...

Laying on the couch, enjoying baby girls kicks:)
Thanks to my husband for taking this a few days ago... I'm pretty sure I was sleeping here, ha ha.

Picture update for you -- 35 weeks 2 days.  It was a lazy (and HOT) Sunday, hence the tank and shorts.  Housing has yet to turn the A/C on -- ugh!  My dad says it looks like I swallowed a basketball, ha ha!  I think it's crazy how much weight I've gained, yet it's all in the belly... love it.

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  1. DO NOT be overwhelmed! You are right, you won't ever be ready, but it's OK and you will have time after she is born to take care of things that come along. Allow yourself to do the bare minimum and not feel guilty about it! :)


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