Pretty Plastic Bag Organizer


So while I was cleaning out the laundry room last weekend, I came across a huge problem.  Plastic bags.  No wonder why I didn't have any cabinet space -- they were stuffed full of plastic bags (I always forget to bring my own bags when we go grocery shopping).  We do use plastic bags here and there for certain things around the house, but my problem was out of control.

There are plastic bags within plastic bags within plastic bags within plastic bags... you get the idea.  Hundreds.  Of.  Bags.  I was a tad disgusted with myself at this point.

And a while ago I saw a super easy tutorial on Martha Stewart's website for a Pretty Plastic Bag Organizer.  Perfect for my plastic bag problem.  And I've decided that I only need to keep as many as that organizer can hold.  I found some some cute and colorful kitchen towels at the BX that were on clearance for way cheap, so I snagged myself some and got to work.

3 bucks for 3 kitchen towels & 15 minutes of my time.. a cheap (and pretty cute) solution for my little fiasco, right?  I think so!

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