Cherry Blossoms Are Bloomin'...


I love spring.  And spring here in Korea is beautiful (although my sinuses could do without the yellow dust!).  :)  I just have to smile when I see the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees all over.  The weather has been lovely the past couple of days -- still praying that it stays nice for our maternity photos on Saturday!!

 Those are just some shots of the trees outside our apartment building.. they're not quite fully bloomed yet.  I can't wait until my husband gets back from TDY so we can go on a walk and admire them all and I can get some better pictures!

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  1. Looks beautiful! Cherry blossoms are one of my favs. Spring hasn't totally sprung here in Minnesota yet, we actually had snow this morning! I'm so ready for it to warm up and stay warm though! :)


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