Baby Loot Score!


I love getting good deals.  They make me all happy and excited!  A lady over here just had a baby girl here last year and now they're PCSing, so she was selling a few baby items (some still had the tags on it!) for cheap.  

I bought one newborn sleeper, one 0-3 month dress, two 3 month sleepers, one 3-6 month outfit (SO cute.. a little plaid top and jeans.. oh how I just love baby jeans!), two 6 month tops with leggings, three 6 month sleepers, one pack of pacifiers, a play gym, a tummy time mat, and a maternity skirt (same exact style except for it's a blue-ish gray color) for only $26.00!

Here are just a few of the outfits I bought..

Cute, right?!  Oh how I just love the little baby jeans.  And that little gray and pink polka dot dress with the bloomers.  Not only does a good deal make me happy,  but it makes my hubby (and his wallet) very happy too!  ;)  And of course my husband had to play with the baby gym a little bit...

Today has been a great Sunday!  Visited a new church, got some good baby deals, and now I'm about to do some things in the nursery while my husband is out hitting a few golf balls at the driving range with a friend.  And later we'll be lounging around, and salmon for dinner tonight!  Mmmm:)

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