Just Some Baby Things


Things are getting done here and there in the nursery - not much longer to go!  I still have a few more projects I want to work on for the decor.  The other day I made a few puff balls...

They're super cute, so I'm excited to get them hung up.  I'll take a better picture when hubby gets them up.  :)  I think today we may also go pick up a small bookshelf to serve as storage/nightstand for her lamp.  I also need to find some wicker baskets, but I haven't been satisfied with what I've seen around here so I may just have to order online.

And the other day I picked up some more cute clothes (and I'm now cut off from hubby... haha.. he said no more!).  I bought 20 outfits, socks, and a cute little pair of shoes for $20.  Can't beat that!  Her closet is pretty full...

Once the closet is completely finished, I'll take a full view shot of it.  Those dividers I made are coming in very handy, by the way.  I'm just LOVING them!  

And how can you not love these sweet dresses that I bought just $2 each..

And teeny-tiny shoes...  I can't wait to see the cute little feet that fill them.  :)

Well, I'm headin' out to spend this beautiful spring day with my husband.  Not sure what we're going to do yet, but I can assure you we will be enjoying this weather.  Maybe some lunch, too!

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