Planes, Trains, & Automobiles..


Seriously.  It literally took 2+ days to get back to Korea after our wedding (which, by the way, was AMAZING).  We left Monday afternoon for Moline, then flew to Chicago, then on to Seattle.  We arrived in Seattle at about 5:30pm and found out at 10:30pm that we were unable to get on the Patriot Express back to Osan because of severe winds and weather conditions.  So we got a hotel and spent the night in Seattle.  We bought a ticket the next day to Seoul.  We flew from Seattle to Tokyo and had a 17 hour layover, so once again, we had to get a hotel (another adventure.. super!).  And then the next day we flew to Seoul.  We had to get a bus back to Songtan, but got off at the wrong bus station.. it just never ends, seriously!  Then had to take like a 20 minutes taxi ride back to the main gate of the base.  It was a fun trip, though.. and being in Tokyo was neat.  But you can imagine my excitement when we got to Korea and actually started to recognize where we were... it is good to be home!  Our shipments should be here soon with all of our things, so I can finally start to decorate our apartment.

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