Jet-Lagged... ick!


17 hours on airplanes and 15 hours sitting around in airports is WAY too long.  I can't believe we have to do it all over again in a week and a half.  But we made it to the states and have been on the go ever since.  No time to be jet-lagged.. and it sucks!  Lots to get done for the wedding.  We have all the decor for the reception figured out, I just need to decide what I want to do for decor at the church.  And I still have to get these darn programs done before Monday so they can get printed.  I can't wait to see everything come together for it.  Some inspiration for my wedding...

The movers came yesterday and packed up our things for the express shipment.  So when we get back to Korea we'll have our TV, all of our kitchen items (my amazing food network pots and pans that I've missed SO MUCH, and everything else), vacuum cleaner, and a bunch of others things.  I can't wait!  The movers for the rest of our HHG come on Tuesday, I think.  It will finally feel good to have all of our things with us at our home.  Ok.. now back to these programs.............. ugh.

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  1. it all looks great, haley! it will be beautiful!
    have a wonderful, joy-filled day!


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