9.25.10.. we finally had our Wedding..


It was absolutely perfect in every way.  All of our amazing friends and family (with the exception of a few.. who were missed terribly) were there to celebrate with us.  After already being married for almost a year and a half, I was afraid that it would be weird to have a wedding.  Ok, maybe not weird.. just not the same as it would have been.  But it wasn't that at all.  It was almost as if we were getting married for the first time.  I definitely think that writing our own vows was a good choice for us, even though it felt like it took me a good 10 minutes to get everything out so people could understand me without my crying.  We are so blessed to have such loving family and friends who really helped us out with everything and for all the support.  Planning a wedding from Korea isn't easy.. well, it's actually almost impossible.  My mom worked so hard to get decorations and everything together - and it was all so beautiful!  Thanks to my mom and dad for everything they've done for us... I would have been a hot mess if it wasn't for their help.  And Alicia for helping with everything.. and Josh for singing during our ceremony (he sang the song perfectly and we loved it!) and to Lynn for doing the scripture reading for us.  Thanks to Matt and Heather for being so awesome and helping us out with folding programs and taking care of the reception hall.  Jessica and Laurie for their awesome camera skills - they took A TON of pictures for us and I love them all!  I cannot wait to get the video from the ceremony and the photos from the ceremony back.  I am so impatient!  ;o)

 Mani & Pedi with my Momma... a pretty pink!
Getting my makeup done.  I absolutely loved it.

 Our wedding cake & reception hall.  I must say, I chose some beautiful colors. ;)
 I hand-stamped the place cards, and they were held with wine corks.  And the toasting glasses we used were given to my parents at their wedding!  They are gorgeous!

 Gift table/Guest book table.. my mom's wonderful creativity!
The bottle has a note in it that my Husband used when he proposed & the pictures are from the proposal.
Also the pen from my mom and dad's wedding.. LOL.

 Flowers... they were more beautiful than I pictured them to be!!
Bride's bouquet on the left, bridesmaid bouquet on the right.

Our invitations I made (before folding it).  On the back is one of our favorite verses and the one we chose for our scripture reading, Song of Solomon 8:6-7
And our thank you message inside.

Bride & Groom.  <3

 The front of the hotel where we had our reception.

The Lobby of the hotel.

And lastly.. one of my favorite pictures.  Me and my daddy.  :)

Everything was perfect.  From the songs we chose for the ceremony, to the food and decor.. and the necklace I wore, which I just adore!  Everything was better than I imagined it to be.  Now I can finally start to get some frames and hang our wedding pictures up... can't wait!

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  1. this is so nice Haley, I don't remember seeing that picture of the cake and your placecards...good pictures..and especially the last one. love you mom


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