sweet Georgia peaches!


Have you ever gotten really excited over something that everyone else probably think is really silly to excited over?  I tend to get excited over really small things... and today that thing was about a big ol' box of peaches.. not just any peaches.. fresh GEORGIA peaches.  The best in the country.  Twenty five pounds of juicy goodness.

Every year a big refrigerated semi makes a trek up to the midwest to deliver these pretty little things to various cities.  I waited in the Menards parking lot... in 107 degree heat index.. for 30 minutes.  Completely worth it.

We have a lot of plans for these.  Pies, drinks (maragaritas, anyone?), cobbler, a good snack for Clara... but one of my favorite ways to eat them?  Just sliced up over some good vanilla ice cream.  And by good vanilla ice cream, I mean Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean.


  1. I just discovered your blog and I'm really enjoying it! And yes, there is nothing better than fresh peaches in the summer. I can't wait to make a cobbler tomorrow. :)

  2. I just found you via Pinterest & will definitely be a new follower :) I also get super excited over little things (complete with "flapping" my hands & bouncing up and down lol). But I think 25lbs of peach yumminess is something *everyone* should get excited about! :)


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