sippy success


For the longest time Clara wanted NOTHING to do with her sippy cup.

Nothing.  Nada.  She pushed it away every time I'd set it anywhere near her.

Finally, a little over a month ago, she started drinking from the sippy.  Poof, one day she just magically decided 'I like this thing!'  Babies are so funny like that.  She loves her juice now - 'berry' is her favorite.  I think it's safe to say 'snack and juice time' after her nap is just about her favorite time of the day.

She's gotten so good at it.. she can even drink from it one handed.  ;)

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  1. We had a hard time transitioning to sippies with that kind of sippy. The two handled one.

    I got Wilson some NUBY brand sippy that had like almost a rubber nipple on it. It was the closest thing to a bottle nipple so he figured out how to drink from it fairly quickly.

    Then we started having him chewing on them so we switched to the hard plastic ones. Playtex Sipster cups. I also got insulated ones.

    They also have a Hello Kitty sippy cup I CANT WAIT to buy for Callie lol.

    You'll probably buy a bunch before finding ones that work best for you.

    I bought a couple of the ones with straws in them thinking Wilson would love them but he hates them! LOL


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