Still Adjusting..


So Clara and I have been back in Korea for about a week now, and although her jet-lag is much better.. I think it's still going to take about another week until she's back to 'normal'.

She's such a trooper, and a good little world traveler, though.  :)  On the first plane ride from Illinois to Detroit, she slept the whole time (yeah!).. and the plane ride from Detroit to Seoul was a little better than the first time because it wasn't a full flight so I got to bring her car seat on the plane.. which made this momma's life a ton easier (it's a little hard to go to the bathroom while holding a wiggly infant, not gonna lie).  She didn't cry too much, and she cuddled and watched Finding Nemo with me.  :)  I was praying for no poopy diapers on the plane.. but of course, an hour into the flight (and while they're serving me my meal) she decided to stink up the whole back end of the plane.  And then she smiled at me.  I can't help but just love her to pieces.  ;)

A couple days after we got back she had her 4 month check-up (already!!!!).. she's a peanut, that's for sure!  She's 12 lbs, and as healthy (and happy) as can be.  The Dr. said in a couple weeks I can try giving her some rice cereal -- and hopefully that will keep her satisfied longer because right I swear she is constantly eating.

And on another note, she is 'talking' and laughing up a storm these days.. and rolled over from her back to her tummy for the first time the other day.  :)  She's getting so big.. I can't wait until we're close to family again.  The countdown has begun... 6 more months!

There's that sweet, sleepy face that I love.  :)


  1. I'm still having problems trying to comment on your blog!

  2. Oh yay!I figured out if I tab a couple times I can make it scroll down and do the captcha!

    Traveling with an infant/toddler by yourself is SO hard! I will definitely not plan on doing that again ever!

    And when I had to change Wilson because he had a poopy diaper?!? It was seriously like the hardest diaper change I have ever done and that's saying a lot because he now likes to get up and run away!

    But we did it! I don't plan on flying anytime soon. The sad thing is driving for us is so much easier! We just moved from Keesler AFB to Barksdale AFB and that was about an 8 hour drive and it was SOOO much less stressful than flying!

  3. So glad to have found your blog! Saw a post of yours on The Dodge Diary blog. :) Anyway, we're AF too but we are in Dover, DE! Just PCS'ed from Colorado Springs. Wanted to say I love your blog and Clara is absolutely adorable! :) We're due with our first in Feb!

  4. Anna - Unfortunately, we'll have to make that flight one last time next spring... and she'll be 10 months and mobile. I think that will be a lot harder, but at least my husband will be with me!

    Modern Momma - Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm a little bit jealous you were in Colorado Springs.. I sooo want to live there. I love Colorado! And CONGRATS on your pregnancy! :)

  5. We PCSed from Germany all the Way to Utah Hill AFB, it was a pain in the butt with a Toddler hehe even though i love him to pieces it was painful :] but gladly i had my husband with me.. so i know what you talking about.. hope you adjusted good as well.. cant wait to read more of your blog.

    justine from


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