Osan Air Show 2011...


The Air Show was held this weekend.. I'm seriously like a little kid when it comes to air shows.. I'm fascinated with anything that flies.  I know most people associated with the military are 'jet noised-out'.. and I really don't pay much attention when they fly on a daily basis.. but I just really enjoy air shows.  Although, when we move to Little Rock, it's going to be a little weird not seeing/hearing the jets fly on a daily basis.

It was a bit cloudy/chilly out on Saturday... but it wasn't crowded, which was good.  It was a nice family outing.. and it was Clara's first air show.  ;)

Just hangin' out in the helicopter.  ;)

Wearing daddy's ear protection for the jet noise!  Such a cutie.

I'd say they worked pretty well -- she slept right through it!  (LOVING her chubby cheeks here... I just want to kiss kiss kiss them!)

I'd say it was a nice family day full of love, baby giggles, and fried snickers (yumm).

We attempted to walk around the air show again on Sunday.. it was beautiful outside.  But after about 5 minutes, I was ready to head out... there was 10x more people there that day.. and it was hot outside.  No thanks.  We went home instead.. Clara and I took a nap while daddy watched his 'shows' (Sons of Anarchy & Top Shot;)

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  1. We went to the Keesler AFB air show and it was SOOOO hot that day! I got the most ridiculous tan line from the dress I was wearing that I still have tan lines from it.

    I wish it would've been in cooler weather but for whatever reason that day was just HOT! Yuck.

    The air show was pretty fun though! I definitely can't wait to check out Barksdale's air show since we have B-52s here I wonder if we will get to see them fly at all!

    Also LOVE Clara's panda hat! So cute!!!


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