Just One of Many..


It has been cooling off here a little bit.. it was about 30 F when I woke up this morning.. brrr!  The afternoons warm up quite a bit, though.  Enough for just a light sweater.  :)  I'm praying fall lasts for a little while longer because one of my favorite things to do is take Clara on a daily walk.  And my oh my we are just loving these autumn colors!

My slobbery baby loves our daily walks!  ;)

We usually just take a stroll around the base because my husband takes the car to work most days.. a lot of times I think the base is just plain and boring, because it really can be.  But then I stop and really take a good look around me... and I see how beautiful it can be.

There are many, many things I love about fall.. and one of those things are the changing colors.  There are quite a few trees outside of our apartment that have turned gorgeous colors of red, orange, and yellow.  But there's one tree in particular.. it's big, and golden, and it makes me happy.  I love it when the little things can put a smile on my face...

I also love the crunch of the leaves on the ground as your walk through them.. even the smell of the leaves..

... anyone else?

I'm so thankful I live in a place where I can experience these beautiful seasonal changes.. I think I would be pretty sad if I didn't.


  1. the Ginko trees are my FAVORITE! Their beautiful yellow leaves totally warm my heart! nice job with your photos! :)

  2. nice pictures, the trees really are beautiful..and I love Clara's bubbles :)

  3. I miss experiencing the changing of the seasons, especially FALL! We PCSed to Guam in 2010 and are here until 2014. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful, but I miss having four seasons. Here there are basically two seasons, rainy and dry and when it rains, it pours!!

    Your daughter is adorable!

  4. I love the cooling down of fall weather but hate winter. Your pictures are gorgeous though!

    If I weren't so huge and having to pee every 5 minutes I would be taking W. for walks too.

    Last winter I took him and did LOTS of mall walking! It was nice to get out of the house and it helped me get back into shape!


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