An Afternoon Outing


Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and go for a little family hike.  My husband has been so busy this past week with homework (and will be for the next month or so).. it was nice to have some time together this weekend.  :)  I'm really enjoying this cooler, fall weather!

There were some neat little look-outs along the way where we could see the city.  And there were also 'work-out' stations along the trail.. which I think is a little odd.  It was enough work for me to climb up those hills.. I'm definitely not going to climb them and then work-out.  ;)

I think Clara really enjoyed the hike and change of scenery.. and almost every Korean we passed had to stop and 'ooh & ahh' over her.  And she would smile for them like a good little girl.. she likes the attention.  ;)

I think we wore the little princess out, though.. all that fresh air (this mommy was a little worn out too.. carrying an extra 12 pounds up those hills wasn't easy.. or maybe I'm just weak).

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  1. Wow! You go girl! I don't think I have the stamina for hiking with a baby!

    If you are big into hiking or walking though do you have an ergo baby carrier? I think it might not feel so heavy if you had Clara on your back instead of carrying her on the front? But I wouldn't know. I have an ergo but it was always WAAAAYYYY too hot for me to even think about wanting to use it! So it sits in my closet. :(

    Maybe I'll use it more with my next one.


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