Spring Fever!


It was an absolutely beautiful day out on Saturday.  My husband and I decided to take a walk downtown for a breath of fresh air and to see what was happenin'.  It's been a while since we just went for a walk outside - I mean, who wants to go outside when the weather is in the single digits?  Definitely not this gal!  I've been needing some warmth, and the past few days have been just gorgeous.  Spring, please come soon!!

We walked around the open air market and there were lots street food vendors out cooking up goodies.  The thing I love about Korean street food is that it's so cheap, so I'm more willing to try it out and if I end up not liking it then I don't really feel bad.

There was some fresh bread out that were either deep fried or cooked on a griddle.  We tried a couple different kinds... the one was deep fried and ended up being a tad too greasy for my taste, but the other one was delicious!  There was also a bun filled with red bean paste, which they use to fill a lot of their 'sweets'... I didn't try that one.  Red bean paste?  I don't think that would've sat well with this pregnant lady...

 And then a few days ago we went up to Itaewon in Seoul to just walk around since it was, once again, gorgeous out.  And they have this one street food there that I haven't been able to find closer to where we live.  Unfortunately.  :(  It's called Hoddeok.  It's sort of a yeasty pancake and it's filled with cinnamon and sugar, then pressed onto a hot griddle.  It is DELICIOUS.  Right up my alley.  It's flat and crunchy on the outside, and the cinnamon and sugar turn into a gooey syrup.  It's a special treat, and only costs ₩1000 (which is equal to like.. .80 cents).

 Tomorrow I have my 23 week checkup... I'm excited to know how our little girl is doing!  Baby update tomorrow!  Hooray!

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