Here we go!


I don’t really have any set goals for this blog other than sharing our experiences, including being a military family, as well as my cooking and crafts, and just our all around craziness.  Although I can't currently feed my husband.. sad face.. I will get to very soon!  At the moment, he is stationed in Korea and has only been there for a little over a month so far.  But we just got news that we are now able to get command sponsorship (meaning, I'm able to join him!) - I'm hoping to be there by the end of July.  I'm just praying that the military puts the pedal to the metal, because I'm tired of waiting for them... ha!  Hurry up and wait.. hurry up and wait.  Impatience and the military do not mix well!

Anyway, I'm excited to share all of my ideas with you!  As well as keep our family and friends updated on the adventures of our crazy, ever-changing life.  I hope you enjoy this blog, and maybe even become inspired to try something new or create something yourself!

Stay tuned.. this should get interesting!

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