The First Week - We Made It


Sam is now 11 days old.  Why does the time go by so quickly?  I feel like just the other day I was questioning whether or not I should be heading to the hospital.

The first two days after leaving the hospital were the hardest.  Mainly because I was stressing myself out about breastfeeding... my milk hadn't come in quite yet, and Sam didn't want to have anything to do with even trying to nurse because he knew what he wanted and it wasn't there yet.  So of course, I felt awful.  All the crazy hormones don't quite help either.  But after a little crying, a call to the lactation specialist at the hospital, and my supportive husband.. we made it through.

But honestly, my toddler has been more of a challenge than my newborn.  I knew it was going to be a big change for her, and I've tried to make the transition as smooth as I could.. but I think her acting out a little was just going to be inevitable.  But that's a whole other story for a different day...

On day 3 of being home from the hospital, Sam had his checkup.  He looked perfect.. lost some ounces, which is normal.. and the milk had come in full-force so he was happy.  I'm thrilled to say that breastfeeding is still going well, and gets a little bit easier as time goes on.  I'm hoping it stays this way.

At 7 days old, he had his first outing - this mama was itching to get out of the house.  We took Clara to a local kids museum, and it went fairly well.  Since then we've also been to the park a couple times and out to eat once.  That's a lot of adventure for an 11 day old.  ;)  But when Clara was a baby, we did whatever we wanted.  We didn't let having a child hold us back from going anywhere or doing something fun.. and I'm convinced that's why she's always (95% of the time, anyway) been such a good traveler and so good whenever we go out somewhere.  And it'll be the same way with Sam.. I hope, haha.

And so here it is.. day 11.  Clara's at school today.. we are trying to get ourselves back into a routine.. Coleman still has a couple weeks off of work - thank God because I'm not ready to be left alone yet - and my parents visit in one week.  Lots to look forward to.. trying to soak it all in.. the baby smells, coos & noises, the little faces he makes.. it goes by too fast.

And I promise, I'm happy.. do you know how hard it is to take a selfie like this?  It wasn't easy - I was concentrating.. ha!  ;)


  1. If I haven't said it already, congratulations!!!

  2. Good luck with the breastfeeding this time! I was able to nurse longer with my 2nd but it involved a lot of staying home on the couch. <3 I liked that when I was ready to stop, I didn't feel as guilty as I had when it didn't work out the first time.

    And I hope that Clara being a littler older makes it easier to get out of the house! I was homebound a lot early in the beginning!

    Enjoy your new little one!


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