Project Life; Week 3


So here it is, my week 3 of Project Life.  I'm a little behind, but I went into this knowing I would always be a little bit behind - and I'm fine with that.  My wonderful husband built me a desk, and that definitely makes my scrapbooking time a little more productive since I now have everything in one place. 

And here are close-ups of some of my favorite ones;

My title card is a bit eclectic this time, though I must say I'm really diggin' watercolors.  They're super fun to play around with.  I have this set that I bought from Michael's.  Lots of fun colors, and the price is awesome ($5, I think?  And if you have a coupon.. even better!).

For the most part I just kept things simple for this layout, and kind of let the photos stand out for themselves.  My favorite is definitely the one of Clara dancing on the couch.  Makes my heart melt every time I look at it.  I just love that kid.

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