Parson Tower Desk // Craft Room


We've been doing some house redecorating the past few weeks - one of the things we've done is started redoing the guest room/craft room.  I sold my old desk so my husband could create a bigger desk for me... I needed something with a lot of space on top for doing my Project Life.  I sat down and went through plan after plan, and eventually ended up choosing to go with the Parson Tower Desk from Ana White.  He actually finished it for me the night before Valentine's (while I was sleeping.. he was up until 2am!) so it would be in the garage when I went to work the next morning.. it has my favorite chocolate candy on it.. and flowers... so sweet.  :)

I was so excited to get stain picked out and get it finished.  I decided to stain rather than paint, because I did not want to paint it white and I thought I would get tired of a color fast... so I stuck with something a little more classic and timeless.  Stain it was.. and I knew I wanted it dark!  So we went to Home Depot and picked out a few samples to test.

I know these stains look so similar.  But two of them had a little bit of an orange tint than the other.  I ended up using Mixwax 'Jacobean'... it was the most solid brown of the three and it gave a really nice, rich color.

This last photo was taken with my phone, but you get the gist of the finished product.  I'm absolutely in love with the desk.  It's nice and long, which give lots of room for all of my projects.  I bought two wire baskets for the shelves at Home Goods, and then I hung up those clip board with sticky tack.. for now.. until I decide if I want that to be more permanent.  Excuse the mess of the photo.. I know it's not too much to look at right now, but I'm going to be updating you with progress photos as I get shelving, etc, up on that wall.. and get the rest of the room decorated.  It's not only my craft area, but also the guest area (my parents are coming to visit next month!).

I can't wait to get going on the rest of it.. the desk was the 'big' project.. now it's all just starting to come together.  :)


  1. it looks great Haley! Coleman did such a great job building it for you!

  2. It looks great! And I think if you bought another and placed it in the corner it would make a great corner desk!


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