Stitch Fix #2


First, I feel I need to do a little recap of how Stitch Fix works.

  • All you do is head over to their website and fill out a style profile and make any extra notes as needed, and pay a $20 styling fee.  
  • A stylist will pick out 5 pieces for you.. clothing, accessories, etc.  I tell them I don't want accessories, that I only prefer clothing.  But that's just my preference.
  • When your box arrives, take a peek at the styling suggestions and try it all on!
  • Within 3 days you need to log on to your account and tell them what you liked & what you didn't.  Then you can pay for what you keep and drop everything else back into the mail (they send you a prepaid bag for returns.. no hassle or extra $$$!)
  • The $20 styling fee goes towards whatever you decide to keep!  Cool, right?

I'm like a kid on Christmas whenever my Stitch Fix arrives at my door step!  This time I requested more spring/summer items, since the cold weather is close to being over.  I didn't want to spend any more money on warm clothes.  My stylist did a rockin' job at catering to my requests!  She even took a look at my Style & Fashion Pinterest Board (I provided my link to them when I ordered my box).  

I love that the stylist writes you a little note, and they stick in styling suggestions for each piece.  It really helps when trying to get an idea of how you would wear that item.  Admittedly, I need a little help in that department.. One reason why I love Stitch Fix.  The other reason being they help me try something a little different and out of my "box"!

Now, here's what I received...

1  ::  Antioch Lurex Detailed Striped Sweater by Mystree

I really liked this sweater!  It's a lighter weight, so I could wear it well into spring (on those more chilly nights).  It's a navy blue and gold-ish color, and the design of it is just my style.  And it's very comfy & cozy.  Keeper!

stitch fix

2 ::  Ritz Mixed Pattern Front Pocket Knit Shirt by Ezra

When I first opened the box and looked at the clothes (before trying them on), I really liked this one.  It was unique and fun, and I liked how the front & back were different.  And the little floral pocket on the front was a cute detail.  However, when I got it on it wasn't very flattering to me.  It was very "boxy" and just kind of hung off of me.  I wasn't impressed with the cut... so this one was a no-go.

stitch fix

stitch fix

3  ::  Wilfred Abstract Print Tank by Renee C

I adore the bright colors of this tank top.  And the fact that it was airy and would be nice and cool for summer.  But the first thing I thought when I put it on was... I look pregnant.  That's not how you want to look when you're not pregnant.  Haha.  Needless to say, this one also got sent back!

stitch fix

4  ::  Wisteria Weave Detail Knit Tank by Mystree

This tank top is so comfortable!  I really like the neckline, and also the detail of the pleats in the front.  It's a pretty light gray color that would look great with some dark bermuda short (or American Eagle's midi shorts.. I love those).  Keeper!

stitch fix

5  ::  Tiburon Floral Print Tank by Fun2Fun

My first thought of this tank top when I saw it in the box, was that it was kind of old lady-ish.  But when I got it on, I actually really liked it.  The colors are very pretty, and it would pair nice with some white shorts in the summertime.  This is also a keeper!

stitch fix

stitch fix

This has been my most 'successful' Stitch Fix box yet.  My stylist did an awesome job.  I'm already looking forward to getting another box.  What did you think of these picks?

If you want to order yourself a Stitch Fix box, go ahead and do that HERE (referral link).  It's a pretty fun experience!  And if you do, let me know how you liked it (or leave your link in the comments if you blogged about it!). 

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  1. I really liked the items you picked! About how much are each piece? I wonder if it would fit in my clothing budget. It is cool that you just drop the items you don't want right back into the mail. Another question: Can you gift this? My sister would love this!

    1. Thanks Ashley! So far every pieces has been around $30-40. Not too terribly bad, and it's a fun "treat" to get every couple of months (or however often you want). And YES, they do sell gift cards on their website (! It would be such a fun gift to receive!

    2. I personally liked 2 of the 3 you picked and definitely agree with the ones you didn't keep! I don't think they fit well on someone who is petite like your body type. They might've looked better on me, but I've got to kind of camouflage the extra jiggles. LOL

      Great fix!

  2. This is really great! Are the items pricey? I just received a Klout Perk for Stitch Fix and can't wait to try it out...


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