Back to the Grind


Being a part of a military family.. and the fact that my husband and I are from two different states.. I have had the pleasure to call many places home.  Wherever my little family lands, we are home.. but I will always be able to call Arkansas (my husbands home state), and Illinois (my home state) home.  This year we were able to spend a little over a week in Illinois visiting my family for Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful visit... Clara is so attached to her Nana and Papa that it breaks my heart when we have to say 'see ya later'.  We're definitely thankful for Skype!  I hope you all had a safe an enjoyable holiday.  As I type this, we're on our road trip back home... Hopefully I can get a few photos up soon to recap our visit.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind!  5am is going to come early after this 12 hour car ride.


  1. Safe Travels! I love your outlook on a life of constant moving!

  2. Hope you have safe and a pleasant trip back. Definitely thankful for technology, makes being far away from loved ones a little easier on the heart.


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