My Birthday Week in an Instagram


Well, mostly in instagrams anyway (you can follow me here if you don't already).  I love having my phone to document things like this.. especially when I don't feel like luggin' the big camera with me every single place.  But the camera on my phone is horrible and I'm impatiently waiting to upgrade.. I have the oldest iPhone on Earth.  Is it April yet?

I'm so thankful, for all my friends and family - they really know how to make a girl feel special!  My husband especially, has been so sweet... and totally spoiled me this week!  I've been living on cloud nine.  :)  Here's just a little bit of what went down this week..

1. My husband took me to get 'pampered'... mani & pedi.  I never go, because I'm cheap and just do it myself at home... so it's special (and relaxing!) when I get go have someone else do it for me.  2. Hubby made him his own little gift basket for me.  My favorite junk food (kit kats, snickers, and baby cans of Pepsi), some bubble bath, and a sweet card of course.  :)  3. We went to play putt-putt!  I don't think we've played since our first year of marriage, so it was fun.. and I beat him by one point!  I even got a hole-in-one.  4. My birthday gift - tickets to a sold out Luke Bryan concert!  I was so surprised.. he done good;)  5. Clara's cousin and grandparents stayed with us this week, so we have been out and about - and we also took Clara to see her very first movie at a theater!  We saw Turbo, and she loved it!  6. And the pretty Arkansas scenery.. that would be much better if my phone didn't suck. 

And on the night of my birthday, we went out to eat at one of my favorite Italian restaurants - Bravo!  And afterwards he treated me to some cupcakes.. he really knows the way to my heart... relaxing, Luke Bryan, and cupcakes.  ;)  Love that man!


  1. I think your husband deserves the "Best Husband" award! What an awesome birthday!!

  2. glad you had a great birthday! and love those shoes :D

  3. Your birthday week sounds amazing! I do home mani/pedis too so I know the treat of getting them some y someone else...and Oh My those cupcakes look delish!! Hubby of the Year award goes to...

  4. Aw looks like a great week, I love it!!


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