Series: Keeping it Clean with Kleenex (#2)


As I've said in my previous post, we've been quite busy this summer. One of the best things, is that my parents and little brother were able to come visit for a week! When they arrived at our doorstep, Clara didn't even know what to do with herself. She ran around and spun herself in circles (which is what she does when she's excited, haha) We were all so delighted. Clara always gets so attached to 'Nana and Papa'... she had to have Nana rock her to sleep every night.

One of the things we love to do when we are visiting with family is EAT. We love to cook, grill-out, bake.. you name it. We just really seem to enjoy being in the kitchen and eating good homemade food. We grilled some chicken, made turkey burgers, baby reds with pesto, enchiladas, ribs, fresh fruit salad, peach praline upside-down cake, etc... I'm making myself drool just thinking about all the good food we had.

When there's 6 people in our little house for a week.. going in and out... in the kitchen an awful lot... lots of hands being washed... these Kleenex Hand Towels have saved me from doing a ton of laundry. The last thing you want to do when you have house guests, is think about laundry. They're perfect to set right on the bathroom counter... or if you have a towel rack, their design makes it easy to flip it over and set them right on top of the rack.

In home bathrooms with heavy foot traffic, shared cloth towels are often damp and germy due to overuse. Take control of your towel situation by visiting, and join the 14 million people who have already joined the Clean Hands Campaign by using Kleenex Hand Towels.

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  1. Everything looks sooooo delicious! When can I come over for dinner? ;) And I love how the Kleenex box goes with your decor in the bathroom. I with my bathroom was that organized!


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