Independence Day


I hope everyone had a beautiful (and safe) time celebrating Independence Day. Our day was fun and tiring... definitely looking forward to a good nights sleep!

4th of july 4th of july 4th of july 4th of july 4th of july broken toe

I had to make some sort of festive dessert.. so sugar cookies it was. I made Clara her cute lil' 4th of July pinwheel skirt. We also went out for shaved ice in the afternoon. It was Clara's first time seeing fireworks! So that was pretty exciting.. she was unsure of them at first. But after I kept saying how pretty they were she would say 'Ohh! So good. Pretty. I like it.' I think it's safe to say that she'll be looking forward to them next year! Also, I broke my pinky toe (yesterday actually.. it's even more bruised today). Sorry to anyone who doesn't like seeing feet.. but.. no shame here. It hurts and Clara keeps wanting to kiss it all better, but every time she touches it (or accidentally steps on it?!), I want to cry. My poor pinky toe looks like a little sausage. (pssst, if you don't follow me on instragram yet.. you should!)

I think I even sneaked in a 5 minute nap on the couch somewhere.. it was nice, just wish it was longer! How did you celebrate Independence Day?

 photo 4thblog7.jpg
(shoveling in a sugar cookie as we patiently wait for fireworks;)

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