Little Rock Zoo


We had a wonderful time visiting with my parents for a whole week last week.  It was very bittersweet when they had to leave yesterday.. and now that Clara's older, she remembers more.. and keeps asking for here Nana to rock her to sleep at night and nap time.  We were very blessed by them and the time we were able to spend with them while they were here.

One of the adventures we had, was a little trip to the Zoo!  The last time we were there, Clara was 15 or 16 months... so now that she's 2, she really got a kick out of all the animals!  I really can't wait to take her back again. 

It was really hot out that day (ok, it's hot out pretty much every day here).. like, 100s.  Thank God for the little misters they had throughout the park.  Clara loved them... her and Uncle B decided to cool down a little bit...

In the photo below everyone was really fascinated with the giraffe's.  They are one of my favorites.. and for some reason Clara kept calling everything a baby giraffe after we saw them, haha.

Clara was such a little angel the whole time.. even through the crazy heat (I get mean when I'm overheated sometimes, haha).  She took a great nap that day.  I need to wear her out more often.  ;)

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  1. We love the LR Zoo! I grew up about 30 minutes from there, and we're about 2.5 hours away now. We haven't been in a couple of years, but hope to go back this fall!


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