nana's helper


The other day while I was making dinner (homemade enchiladas.. best ever), Clara was outside 'helping' Nana plant some flowers.  She missed her afternoon nap, so she wasn't up for much smiling.  But she sure did have fun making a mess!

Really, she just wanted to rip the 'pretties' right off.  But then she was distracted by the dirt.  She probably would have emptied that pot if Nana let her.  ;)

 I did get a good one of her cheesin' later, though.  I think I may have mentioned the word 'baba'.. she gets really excited about bottle time.  I just love those little teeth and that cheesy smile. 


  1. the sweetest smile I ever did see... I can't believe she'll be 1 next month!

  2. Isn't it crazy how grown up they start to look when their teeth start coming in? Look at that smile!!


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