gettin' ready to hit the road... again!


These last few days here in Arkansas (for now, anyway) have been fun visiting with family and friends.  Clara has been doing really well with meeting so many new people.. she just smiles at everybody.  ;)  I totally thought she would make strange, but nope!


Coleman with his girls!  :)

Him and Erin, our niece, made these cute tie-died shirts together when they had their 'date night'.. Luv them!

Then the other day we went out and took a little ride on the trolley in Memphis, to get Clara out of the house for a bit.  She loves being outside.. and in the 'daddy backpack'.. however, I think it's about time to retire the baby carrier.  She was trying to figure out how to bust out of it!

Today we are just relaxing.. I'm finishing up laundry, and packing up suitcases (again), and loading up the truck.  Tomorrow morning bright and early we will be on the move (again).. to go up north to visit my family!  I can't wait for everyone to see how much Clara has grown!


  1. oh friend... you are MISSED! I love how much you guys are enjoying your time in the US (in Arkansas)... (C has the SAME shirt as Clara in that last picture, they could be soul sisters!)

  2. I love the tie dyed shirts! And I was worried about Wilson being scared when we went back to Indiana but he LOVED everyone. Wasn't scared of a single person and just an all around ham. I think he could sense how much love and adoration/attention he was getting from all these people. =)


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