new trick


We've been in Illinois for not quite a week.. and Clara has been sick since we got here.  She did GREAT on the road trip, of course, our little world traveler.  But the day after we got here she started with the runny nose/congestion/cough/fever.. the whole deal.  We took her to the Dr. and she ended up having a bit of an ear infection.  So I'm happy to say that she's at the tail-end of the sickness.  My poor, sweet girl.. as much as I love the cuddle time.. I hate seeing her so sick and restless!  Totally not her normal happy self.

So today, after she got a good nap in, we got some play-time in... since she seemed to have felt a little better this afternoon :)

Also, Clara learned a new 'trick' in the past couple of weeks..
She now knows how to 'wave'!
It's pretty darn cute.. I love that she's learning so many new things.

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  1. Just wait when she starts picking up more things! It's so amazing the little things they learn and can do.


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