our little look-a-like


Before Clara was born, I always thought she would be a spitting image of me.  And if we were to have a boy, I imagine he would look like my husband.  However, I was very very wrong.

Clara is very obviously her father's child.  She has his big blue eyes and light hair.  Her eyes are the most beautiful color blue I've ever seen.  My mom tells me she has my lips, though.  And I think maybe as she gets older I'll see more of myself in her. Though, hopefully, she won't have my stubborn-ness.  ;)

Earlier today we were looking at a photo of me when I was a baby.  And though I had much darker hair than her, I think she kind of does look like me.. just a little. :)

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  1. I thought for sure any children with my husband would be a mix. I had no idea what to expect although I guess I was the same. I secretly hoped they would get my husband's pretty blue green eye color but to our surprise my little 1/4th korean babies look VERY much like me! Except Wilson somehow got some dirty blonde hair.
    I almost wish we werent done having babies so I could see if any more babies would come out looking more like daddy this time! Callie does have more of Andy's features though but she is dark dark like me!


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