My Sweet Valentines


This year I didn't just have one Valentine.. nope.. this year I had TWO!  :)  My hubby got the special treat of homemade cinnamon rolls this morning before work.. and we actually ate breakfast together.  It was nice.  And sweet.

After daddy left for work, we started on his Valentine's gift.. from Clara, of course..

She obviously had more fun painting her leg more than anything.  But it was fun watching her.. she really went to town.  But we came out with a beautiful Valentine her Daddy just loved.. ;)

And Daddy came home with a little surprise for both of his girls..

A single white rose for the little princess.. and a single red rose for me.. :)

I hope you all have a fabulous Valentine's Day.  I'm not big on the whole Hallmark-box-o-chocolates-you-have-to-buy-me-a-diamond-something 'Valentine's Day'... but it's a great excuse for fun little projects, and going out to eat (I ended my night with a molten lava cake and scoop of ice cream).  May you have a sweet day!  :)


  1. Those pictures are so sweet! Haley I am so amazed by you and the woman you are! You set the bar so high, yet you reach it effortlessly. Coleman could not have come across a more perfect woman to call his bride! You are wonderful and I only wish we could have had more time in the same area to grow our friendship, but facebook isn't so bad. ~Jillian~

  2. I really love the pictures in this entry! They're so precious! You have such an adorable family, Haley!

  3. YAY for messy babies!! Looks like you had fun :)


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