Pretty Little Things..


The other day, I went with some lovely friends to a place called 'Baker's Alley' and 'Dongdaemun'.  These places are little slices of heaven.. and places that I will definitely be missing once we head back to the states (good excuse to frequent them in the next 4 months, eh?:)  Baker's Alley has all kinds of fabulous baking and packaging goodies.  I could have spent hours upon hours looking at all the pretty things.  Head on over to my friend, Karen's, blog.. she has some lovely pictures up of it.

I bought a few things.. but now that I know what's there.. my 'big' list is made, and I'm ready for another trip!

Seriously.. how cute are these cupcake liners?  They had so many pretty ones.  I need to stock up!

And pretty little twisty ties to help package up some holiday goodies...

SeriouslyI could easily get myself in trouble at 'Baker's Alley'... ;)

And no blog is complete without a picture of my sweet Clara.. right?  She got a package from Nana & Papa the other day.  It had her favorite video in it.. VeggieTales!  She loves it when I sing VeggieTales songs to her.  ;)


  1. oh the cupcake liners are soooo pretty!! And I see Clara likes her video and her Christmas Teddy Bear that used to be her Mommys.

  2. Clara is adorable! I'm getting so excited for our little girl to get here in less than 3 months now! Also, I'm totally jealous of your little bake shop! We don't have anything like that here in little old Delaware!

  3. awwwww she's the cutest! I LOVE those cupcake liners... i'll be frequenting those places a lot with you the next 4 months if you're up for it ;)

  4. You know I'm WAY up for it friend! I need to stock up! :)


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