I Finally Did It..


I finally made an Etsy shop.  It's what I've thinking about doing for almost a year now, and I finally did it.  It's mainly crocheted items.. mostly for babies/photography props/kids.  But I do make other things such as burp cloths, afghans/blankies, and scarves (seriously, nothing better than a chunky crocheted scarf!).  I can also do more than what I have pictured -- since I'm just starting up the shop, I don't have a lot up yet.  If you have an idea of what you want, but don't see it -- PLEASE con

Check out my Etsy shop HERE.

I also have a Facebook page to keep up with new additions, etc... HERE.  Please feel free to 'like' my page so you can keep up!  :)

Thanks to Amy Killian Photography for this photo.


  1. Wow! Those are so adorable!! I am envious of your knitting skills! I really want to learn to be more crafty myself :)

  2. How adorable!!! Super exciting that you finally opened a shop!


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