First Time on the Subway...


..for Clara, that is.  :)  This past weekend we took a little trip to a store called Daiso.  I am majorly obsessed with the cute dishes they have.  And I'm going to buy as much of it as I can before we move in the spring.. ;)  I bought some adorable soup bowls that I've been wanting for a long, long time.. and finally got them.. just in time for 'soup season'..

Daiso isn't far away.. just a couple train stops over in a city called Pyeongtaek.. so I thought why not take her to see how she does.  And she was such a good little girl.  Of course all the older Korean ladies were loving on her... they just adore her light hair and big blue eyes!

She was a happy girl that day.  ;)  I think she had fun!  And she loves her baby carrier.

And then we got home.. and Clara napped for 2 hours (we seriously must have worn her out.. she never naps that long).. and so did my husband...

And I had some 'quiet' time.  :)

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