A Little Retail Therapy


I came to the states for a visit to show off our beautiful baby girl to our family and friends... but I also came with a shopping list.  And I think I'm almost shopped-out (is that possible?).  Since a lot of the things I needed/wanted to get I can't find in Korea.. either that, or we have very limited selections.. my list was pretty big.  We usually order a lot of things online, but what fun is that?  Shopping in the actual store is waaay more enjoyable.. so I definitely took advantage of that since it will be 6 more months until I can set foot in an American mall again..

I found a ton of frames at Goodwill for about $1 or so a piece for all our beautiful family photos and photos of our precious baby girl.  They're in perfect condition.. and I plan on taking a little sandpaper and spray paint to them when I get back home.  :)  Goodwill is one of my favorite places to find picture frames!

Of course Clara got most of the loot.  But when the baby girl clothes are on sale.. and I have coupons.... and they're just so darn cute.. how can I resist?  I mean, seriously.  Look at that panda hat.  It's so adorable, it's ridiculous.  Nana bought her a few things.. like a little dress for Christmas, and some cute outfits.  And then I bought her a snowsuit and a bunch of warm clothes for the winter.  And a few things for next summer.. I couldn't help myself.. the sales were too good.

Again... the panda hat.. loving it.. her little noggin needs to grow into it a little bit.. but she seems to love it ;)

And the of course I picked up a few things for my hubby... as well as myself  :)  You know, necessities.. sweaters, winter clothing, craft supplies for some projects I'm going to work on when I get back..

And Mama's got a new pair of shoes.. ;)

I think I'm going for one last shopping trip this weekend before we head back on the 1st.  I need a new winter coat, and some warm winter socks (one of my favorite things about winter.. warm, fuzzy socks!)... and then I think I'll be good for a while.  I just hate ordering clothing online... eck.

And... one more picture.. because I just can't resist the cuteness. 

That's perfection right there.  I love how her eyes are so big and bright when she smiles.  :)

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  1. She is really cute, adorable smile. It seems you really enjoyed shopping and you actually shopped a lot....Lucky you....


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