Popsicles Solve All The Problems


There are times when being an adult is fun.. like eating ice cream whenever you want.  And then there are times when being an adult is not so fun...like when it's a billion degrees outside (or 112 degrees to be exact) and your air conditioner and other car parts that I don't know anything about decide to crap out on you.  So there's that.

So what better time to go out for gourmet popsicles?

I opted for the strawberry... which is made with locally grown berries.  And I had it dipped in belgian dark chocolate.. and coated in homemade graham cracker crumbs.  Clara had a dark chocolate pop and Coleman had a plain strawberry pop.

Necklace // The Vintage Honey Shop
 We've been here multiple times and I really enjoying trying all the fun flavors, and getting a different popsicle each time.  It's a fun place to go to enjoy a unique treat - I love that they use locally grown produce when they can!  I'm all about the support local.

So the moral of the story is, even some adult things suck.. you can always go get fun treat.  Because you're an adult.  And you can make those decisions.  And you probably deserve it for putting up with all those stupid adult things.

The kids like those days too (Clara obviously really enjoyed her chocolate popsicle).  ;)

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