Our Furry New Addition


So we've been waiting a very long 7/8 weeks for this little guy.  My husband has been wanting a dog since we had to leave our other one with a different sweet family three years ago.  And the opportunity to take home this little guy was just too perfect to pass up.. One of my husbands friends breeds his dogs and let us have our pick.. and our landlord said we didn't have to pay a pet deposit (I guess because we're just awesome tenants!).. kind of like it was meant to be.

And here he is... a beautiful 8 week old pure bred chocolate lab.

Introducing... Wesson! 

Yes... Wesson.. as in Smith & Wesson.  It's "my husbands dog" so he got full pick of gender/dog/name.  ;)  He's sweet and loveable.  With that cute little face you can't be too mad at.  He's a massive puppy, for being only 8 weeks old.  Massive.  My husband plans on training him for duck hunting.  Seriously though... look at that face..

And he's a good little BFF for Clara.  :)  She's so excited every day to come home and take him outside.  She loves when he gets excited to see her and sniffs and licks her.  It will be so cute to watch them grow together!

And I'll be happy once he's fully trained.  I basically feel like I have two toddlers running around the house.  But it sure does make things more interesting around here, having him with us. 


  1. Congrats! You can claim you named him after Wesson oil too. That's what I thought of first, before you explained where you husband came up with the name. LOL

  2. Oh my goodness- he is the cutest thing ever! In love!!


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