Veteran's Day Weekend


First, happy Veteran's Day to my  Veteran.  My sweet, handsome husband.  For everything he does for our family and for our country.  This weekend we took a little trip to go visit my in-laws because my husband spoke at their church (the church he grew up in) for Veteran's Day.  It was a sweet little speech, that brought tears to my eyes.  In a part of it, he thanked all the men that played an important part in his life.. that helped shape him into who he is today.  Well, I also thank those men... for helping to shape the husband and father that I know today.  A wonderful one he is.

Other than that we did a little walking around in Memphis.. and a bit of relaxing.  And we also went out to eat at Huey's, a super delicious local burger joint.  Also a fun place because they let you blow your toothpicks into the ceiling with your drink straw.  If you're confused, just look at the photos below.. ;)

Not sure why, but it's just their "thing".  It's entertaining to say the least!  I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend.. and happy Veteran's Day..... don't forget to thank a Vet.

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