Spring Shopping for Baby Girl



Since Old Navy's Kids & Baby Sale started last Thursday, my husband and I took Clara out shopping!  Old Navy always has the cutest clothes - all the fun, bright, spring colors and the pretty floral dresses.  Regular priced items are a little expensive, in my opinion.. so when I found out the Kids & Baby Sale was going on I was pretty excited to stock up on some things for spring/summer.

I did take Clara in the dressing room and try a few things on her... she was patient with me, for at least a few minutes.  ;)   I  had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to actually purchase.  Little girls clothes are just too precious.

For $75 I was able to buy quite a few outfits for Clara.  I bought 2 rompers, a pair of capri's with a tank top, 4 t-shirts, a pair of yellow skinny jeans, and a pretty blue top.  I was a little bummed at the selection of colored skinny jeans.  I was really excited about those, but when I went shopping they were sold out of a lot and only had a couple pairs left in Clara's size.


I'm absolutely dying for summer to get here so I can stick her in the adorable rompers!!  I also love how the jeans and capris have an adjustable waistband - very convenient since she always seems to be in-between sizes.  The one thing I didn't get, but wished I did, were some jelly sandals.  But trust me, I'm going to go back for those!  Right now she's in this phase where all she wants me to put on her foot are her little sneakers (she wouldn't even let me try the sandals on her).

This child definitely has a better wardrobe than I do.  But that's on my list before spring.. this Mama has to have some stylish clothes too!


That last photo.. I asked her to show me her teeth.. and that is what I got.  ;)

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  1. Great blog post....the clothes are so cute. She is a beauty and I love how the blue shirt brings out her blue eyes.


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