Keeping Busy


We had a nice, relaxing weekend... on Saturday we took our little munchkin for a walk downtown.  She loves going for walks in her stroller, and we all needed to get some fresh air.  It was pretty warm out, but there was a nice breeze so I didn't feel too bad about having her outside for a little longer.  We walked around, did some people watching (a fun thing to do here in Korea, ha ha), and got some lunch at one of our favorite little places, Star Kebab.. A little Turkish restaurant - so good!  I've also been wanting to try their Turkish ice cream (also called Dondurma).  It was certainly interesting.. not bad, just different.

Always something to laugh at around here..

I've also been keeping myself pretty busy crocheting up some things for Clara while she's napping... like little headbands.  I'm also working on a baby blankie for her.  I put the headband on her again when she woke up.. and she kept ripping it out.. silly girl.  She makes me laugh.  Today I left her with daddy for a couple hours so I could get some 'me' time and get a manicure & pedicure (courtesy of my loving hubby:).  I came home, picked her up, and asked her if she missed me while I was gone and she just gave me the biggest smile!  It just made my day!  Then I proceeded to play with her and started to sing her some songs by the Beatles... only because the movie Across the Universe was on TV, so I just sang along with it.  She just rolled her eyes in the back of her head and fell asleep.  I love how she doesn't care how horrible I am at singing.. or the fact that I was singing her Beatle songs.

I've been feeling pretty crafty lately.  Here's a few things I'd like to make... maybe I'll open an etsy and start selling some things, who knows... I keep saying that.. one of these days I'll actually do it ;)


  1. if you opened up an etsy shoppe... i would totally use you as a vendor for my photog. stuff!

  2. LOVE the headband you made for her! So adorable!


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