Healthy Hydration with detoxwater


I recently had the opportunity to try out detoxwater, a healthy hydration alternative that not only quenches thirst but supports your overall health... and yes, it does taste good!  It comes in three delicious flavors - Original (Lychee & White Grape), Mangaloe, and Pinamint.  Mangaloe is definitely my jam.

I'm all about better myself and my health, not only for me but for my family as well.  Detoxwater has just 30 calories per bottle and provides all the quality benefits of aloe juice.  It's known for immune support, healthy digestion, healthy skin, and nutrient absorption.  I'm pretty sure it's worth all that!

The ACTIValoe® in each bottle of detoxwater delivers the plethora of health benefits associated with drinking the most premium aloe in the world.  I like drinking it any time of the day.. but especially in the morning, when I'm getting ready to take on the day.  

If you're wanting to take a step in a healthier direction this coming New Year... this is a great place to start.  I like to keep them at home.. in the fridge, by my bed.. at work, and even my gym bad.  It's great for after those long, hard workouts for sure!  

If you're interested in stocking up on detoxwater for yourself, head over to their website and type in the promo code ALOE30 to get 30% off the product.  That's a pretty darn good deal!  

Be sure to visit detoxwater on Facebook and Instagram.. as well as their site to learn more about their story.

This post is sponsored by detoxwater™, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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