How To: Organize Your Phone Photos


Do you hoard photos?  Unload them all on your computer and then overwhelmed when it comes to printing, weeding through them, and backing them up?  I'm especially bad at this with my cell phone pictures..

I was so tired of seeing the dreaded "storage almost full" box pop up on my phone - I take SO many phone pictures because it's always on me and so convenient.  I was tired of missing moments because I haven't yet cleaned off my photos and my storage was full.  So I was on the hunt for a GOOD way to print those off and have them in our home to look at any time.  I mean, what good do they do if they're locked up on my computer anyway?

I've looked into so many photo books, it has made my head spin.  But then I heard about Chatbooks, and once I tried it was so ECSTATIC.. because it was easy, convenient, and I was finally getting all my photos printed.  Grab the app for your phone and you can make Custom Books or you can make Ongoing Series Books - I do the Ongoing Series.  I add in the photos as I go.  It's $8 for a 60-page soft cover book, or you can upgrade to a hard cover book for $13 and there's always free shipping.  It's a 6in x 6in book, and I love how the spine of the book has the dates on it.  Each page has the date of the photo on it also, so it's just a continuing book of your life basically.  ;)

Also, I keep ALL of my photos backed up in two different places (because I'm a freak like that and would have a severe meltdown if I lost them, ha) - I use an external hard drive and then I also use Amazon Cloud Drive because we use Amazon Prime and it comes with unlimited photo storage.. score.  :)  When I back up my photos I make a year (ex: 2015) folder, and then I make monthly subfolders and organize them that way.

I love that you write captions underneath the photos!
Once you reach 60 images, Chapbooks sends you an email giving notice that the book will go to print in 3 days.  In that timeframe you are able to edit the title, cover photo, edit captions, or delete images if you want to.  Then off it goes.  I love that automatically goes to press because then I won't forget to order, etc - it's all taken care of for me and in a couple weeks I'll have it in my mailbox.  Easy peasy.

They also have good customer service - which is a two thumbs up in my book.  All in all, I love them and am SO glad I found them.

Clara loves flipping through them and enjoying the memories - totally worth it to have them printed instead of just sitting on my phone or computer where they don't get enjoyed as they should!  Have you used Chatbooks?  Do you use a different photo book service, or how to use organize/print your cell phone pics?

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