Five Months


I'm a few weeks overdue on this one.. I did actually take the photos (kind of) on time, though... so that counts for something, right?  Ha!  I can hardly believe how much he has grown these past months.  He weighs 18 lbs.. the same weight that Clara was at her one year check up!  So it's safe to say that he's my chunky baby.. and I'm loving it.

He's rolling over.. I can't leave him alone for 2 seconds or he will be on the other side of the room getting into something he's not suppose to.. and he's SO close to crawling.  He will get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth.. he's just gotta figure out how to move those knees forward.   Soon, little buddy.. it will be very soon.. and then you'll truly be everywhere and into everything.

I adore that gummy smile of his and I'm soaking that up as long as I can.  He's definitely a Mama's Boy.. and it melts my heart.  He's going 5+ months strong of exclusive breastfeeding now and I couldn't be happier about it.  Goal is 1 year, so it's looking pretty good that we'll make it that far.  :)

Is it possible that my baby is already almost half a year old?  Oh Sam, we all love you so much.

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