24 Week Update... Boy or Girl? {pregnancy}


Oh, week 24...  I feel like the past month has just been a big blur, and then I wake up on week 24 and.. oh, hey there.. it's my belly.  If I look at a photo of myself, I still feel like I look pretty small for how big I feel.  Does that make sense?  I'm totally feeling all the aches and pains though.  Sitting on the couch makes it hard to breathe, so I'm getting a lot of use out of my husband recliner.  I'm finding it harder and harder to get comfortable, and I swear I'm catching every cold that passes me by.. already being uncomfortable + trying to sleep with some major congestion.. is awful.  But I've been feeling baby boy a ton more lately.  He's pretty active in mid-afternoon as soon as I get home from work.  And as far as eating.. Still no aversions, however I'm definitely not as hungry as I was.  Right in the middle of 2nd tri, I swear I was just eating constantly!!

And I realize I haven't even "revealed" on the blog if we are having a boy or a girl!  Well I'm absolutely thrilled to tell you...

...we will be having darling baby BOY.  And the very first piece of clothing he received was this sweet sleeper with cute little puppy dog feet, thanks to Nana.  :)  Having a boy will certainly change the dynamic in our household.. I'm anxious, excited, and nervous!  Clara was not thrilled with the news at first, as she was so sure she was getting a sister.. but she's getting used to the idea now and occasionally gets excited about it.  Though I'm pretty sure she has no idea what's in store!

We've been doing a lot of things around the house to try to get ready.  We have a little over 3 months left before his arrival, and with all the holidays I just know that it will go by so fast.  We've started clearing out the spare room which used to serve as a guest bedroom/craft room.  We got rid of the bed and moved my desk to the "dog room" (which is a bonus room.. more like an oversized closet).. and then I started cleaning out the closet in baby boys new room.. which ended up making the room look worse than when I started clearing it.

So there you have it.  The work in progress.. in all it's glory.  And that sweet little bear is baby's first stuffed animal, that I had picked up at Marshall's the other day.. it's this pretty burnt orange color, and super soft.. I couldn't resist.  But I have lots of plans for this nursery and I'm pretty excited to show you how it comes along!


  1. Yay congrats!!!


  2. So happy for you guys!! Is burnt orange a nursery color? :-)

  3. So happy for you guys ! Is burnt orange a nursery color ? :-)

  4. Oh congrats! I love having one of each and getting to experience a little of both their childhoods. Funny enough, my niece also was not super thrilled at the thought of a baby brother, (which she is getting) she also had it in her head she would get a sister! So funny trying to explain that we don't really get to "pick" what their siblings will be!


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