our coffee bar!


After a little over a month of a break - here I am.  Things have slowed down a little over here, and come Monday my work schedule is changing.. which means I have more time for other things in my life that I love doing (blogging, cooking for my family, baking, and other hobbies.. whew).  I'm pretty excited about it!

If there's one "trend" that I've seen and loved, it's having a little coffee bar space in the kitchen.  we made this little area when we first moved in here about 2 years ago.  I bought the shelf with the wire baskets at Hobby Lobby, and I actually bought the small table/chest there as well.  I would have liked something a little longer but there is a doorway too the left and it would have been too much in the way.

 My espresso machine is no longer working.. sad face.. however, I mostly use my french press anyway.  I'm just letting it sit there and take up space until I figure out what I want to replace it with - maybe some greenery?  A big pot of succulents?  Or maybe one day I'll even get a new espresso machine (hint hint to my hubby).  ;)

Here are a few of my other favorite details...

Clara got me that mug for Mother's Day.. my first Mother's Day after she was born (thanks to my mom for helping her pick that out).  ;)  And I was gifted with that coffee recipe book in the background, which has some super fun things in it.  I thought it was fitting to be displayed on the "coffee bar"!

And then on top, I have just a small portion of my cookbook collection.  Some (very) old, and some new.  Some I took from my mom, and some I inherited from my Grandma... I love all her old cookbooks, they are so much fun to flip through!

And the little wire baskets just hold extra "stuff".. little bowls and plates, mugs, and some baking goodies (cupcake liners, etc).

And that little white bowl on the right?  It catches all ours keys and extra change.  I really love this little part of our kitchen.. It's pretty simple, but it's ours and I love it.. and it's always so easy to switch things up and make it fresh and new - do you have a designated 'coffee area' in your home?  I would love to see!  Show me what you got in the comments.  :)


  1. I wish I had enough decorating talent to pull this together! Adorable! I've pinned cute coffee bar setups. Unfortunately our house layout right now doesn't really leave me with a good space for one!

  2. a succulent would be PERFECT!


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